The Different Uses of Environmental Investigation Services

Through the different environmental investigation services provided by different companies, it will be possible to determine different things, including those that I will mention in the rest of this article. It is my goal to help you understand why you will need to work with environmental drilling companies in one way or another if ever these needs arise. One thing that many of us fail to realize is how complicated construction jobs can be. It does not work by simply choosing a site, having the money needed and putting up the structure you want. It involves a complicated set of action, such as environmental investigations.

Groundwater Monitoring

In many areas all over the country, groundwater is the main source of water supply for drinking and even for animal husbandry. However, in spite of the importance of groundwater supply, according to the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Center, monitor of its quantity and quality is almost non-existent. This makes it more important to consult with environmental drilling companies on how they can help to monitor groundwater. If you are putting up a well, for instance, this monitoring will be needed as well.

Checking for Contaminants

You will also need to work with providers of environmental investigation services to monitor the presence of contaminants in the soil or deeper in the ground. More often than not, the drilling company will extract samples from the surface and from the subsurface and will be subjected into laboratory testing. This will result in being able to determine the possible presence of contaminants that may endanger water supply and can have a wide array of other negative effects. These contaminants can also have a negative impact on the construction materials buried under the ground and can contribute to their wear and tear.

Chemical Injection

In some cases, working with environmental drilling companies will not only be for the purpose of investigation, but also for doing other jobs such as in the case of chemical injection. In this activity, the drilling company will inject chemicals directly on the ground for the purpose of being able to get rid of the contaminants that affect the quality of soil. These contaminants are earlier determined through environmental investigation and experts will identify what chemicals will be injected to get rid of them.

Fitness for Construction

It is important to note how not all areas are fit for construction. There are some cases wherein the foundation of the soil is weak and therefore, it will be unable to handle heavier structures. This should be determined prior to the commencement of a construction project. Environmental drilling companies can help to learn more about the physical and chemical properties of the soil, including the stress and capacity it can handle. If the soil proves to be too weak and construction still proceeds, the stability and integrity of the structure can be compensated.

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