Site Investigation Drilling Wollongong

With the expertise of the people we have, there is no doubt that Environmental Drilling Services will make an excellent choice for site investigation drilling Wollongong. Being recognized as one of the best site investigation drilling contractors in the area, we have been an unrivalled option and continues to provide excellent service to our growing clientele. The following are some of the services that made us popular:

  • Dynamic Sampling and Probing
  • Cable Percussive Boring
  • Installation of Monitoring Instrumentation
  • Deep Shaft Formation
  • Rotary Coring and Drilling
  • Environmental Sampling
  • Drilling Parameter Recording

Affordable Service with High Quality

Most people have the misconception that high quality services are often expensive and that cheap services are often inferior in terms of quality. At Environmental Drilling Services, such is not the case. All of our drilling services can be availed without the need to spend a lot. Nonetheless, even if they are cheap, we guarantee you that they will be of top-notch quality. We are one of the few site investigation drilling contractors offering the perfect balance between price and quality, which we attribute as one of the reasons why we are able to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to all of our clients.

Prioritizing Impacts on the Environment

As a socially responsible site investigation drilling Wollongong contractor, we are also one with the many Australians in the pursuit towards promoting what is best for the environment. With such, all of our services are performed in such a way that they will not cause harm to the environment in one way or another. Even noise is minimized, which is possible because of our advanced machineries. We are also active in minimizing our carbon footprint, which is an essential part of our efforts to go green.

If you are still searching for site investigation drilling contractors, it is now about time to let go of all your doubts and just choose Environmental Drilling Services. We have a team of professionals who have a proven track record in their jobs, which will give you peace of mind regarding the service they can deliver. The extensive experience of our workforce, our modern machineries, and our reasonable rates are all part of our formula towards being able to provide the highest level of satisfaction to all of our clients.

We do Site Investigation Drilling in the following areas: