Site Investigation Drilling Sydney

Environmental Drilling Services enjoys a solid reputation when it comes to site investigation drilling Sydney. With the favorable feedbacks from many of its clients, there is no doubt why it continues to be a preferred choice for the best drilling company in Sydney. Even with the establishment of new companies, it is hard to rival the services that we can provide, all of which are geared towards being able to provide you, our clients, with the highest level of satisfaction. The following are some of the most common services requested by our clients:

  • Dynamic Sampling and Probing
  • Cable Percussive Boring
  • Installation of Monitoring Instrumentation
  • Deep Shaft Formation
  • Rotary Coring and Drilling
  • Environmental Sampling
  • Drilling Parameter Recording

Backed with an Expert Workforce

Being recognized as one of the leading site investigation drilling contractors in Sydney, we are proud to say that our people are our best assets. They are the reason for the popularity that our business is enjoying. It is through their services that we are able to make an unrivalled name in the area. If not for them, our business will be nothing but under the shadows of our competitors. Because of their importance in the site investigation drilling services that we provide, we are giving emphasis in enhancing their expertise with the help of a wide array of training programs. This provides them with up-to-date knowledge that they can apply in the jobs they take.

Using State-of-the-Art Machineries

Our drilling company also takes pride in the use of the most innovative machineries that are available in the market today. While many of the other site investigation drilling contractors are still stuck with traditional tools and techniques, Environmental Drilling Services is a step above others when it comes to the adoption of advanced drilling equipment. We recognize the fact that they are essential in allowing us to handle any job, which is why we dedicate our capital in improving our drilling machineries.

Offering Superior Customer Service

You are at the heart of our business. With such, the main goal of our drilling company is to provide you with the best services to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. From the time that you give us a call until the job is finished, we will strive hard to do what it takes to make you a happy customer. In the end, we will give you a rewarding experience, promising to provide the best value for every dollar you will spend on any of our services.

We do Site Investigation Drilling in the following areas: