Geotechnical Drilling Wollongong

Environmental Drilling Services is your best bet for services related to geotechnical drilling Wollongong. Our company has a workforce composed of licensed drillers and professional engineers, amongst other specialists. They are backed with extensive training and formal education, giving them the competence needed on their jobs. To complement their skills, we also have some of the most innovative machineries available in the market, making us able to deliver nothing but the best when it comes to soil testing and other geotechnical testing services. With the combination of the right people plus the right equipment, there should be no doubt how we are the right geotechnical drilling contractor for the job.

What We Can Do

Environmental Drilling Services, a geotechnical drilling Wollongong service provider, offers the following services, among others:

  • Sonic Drilling
  • Rotary Core Drilling
  • Down Hole Hammer
  • Hollow Steam Auger
  • Bore Logging
  • Air Coring
  • Packer Testing
  • Diamond Coring
  • Mud Drilling
  • Standard Penetration Testing

You can call us if you need drilling for the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, tailing dams, water supply, and commercial and residential projects, among others. As long as the job is related to drilling, there is no need to look any further as we can prove to be the best geotechnical drilling contractor for the job.

Our wide array of geothermal drilling services also include drilling bore holes, which will be useful for the construction of a heating system, either for residential or commercial use. It will make it possible to generate heat from the ground and have it distributed all throughout the building, all through the drilling technology what we can provide.

Let Us Work Hand-in-Hand

While we have a team of experts who have extensive knowledge of drilling technologies, we also prioritize the needs and requirements of our clients. If you decide to book for our services, we will communicate closely with your assigned project manager or point person to talk about the things that should be done and how they will have an impact on the output that is anticipated. By having clear-cut communication between two parties, we believe that any job will be completed with a high level of success. We will also constantly give you an update on the job, while making sure we will have it accomplished on the schedule that has been agreed upon.

We do Geotechnical Drilling in Wollongong and in the following areas:

Services We Offer: