Geotechnical Drilling Central Coast

Powered by a highly knowledgeable and skilled workforce, Environmental Drilling Services is a preferred choice for geotechnical drilling Central Coast. With our people as our backbone, we are confident that we will be able to provide the highest level of satisfaction in all of the drilling services that we will complete. We are proud to have invested in their intensive training and education, which gives them the competence that they need to perform in an excellent manner. We promise to continue giving them the education they require to give our company an edge above other service providers in the area.

Geotech Drilling – Quality Services We Provide

As long as it is about drilling, we guarantee you that we have the capabilities to complete the job. Among others, the following are the most popular drilling services that we can provide:

  • Sonic Drilling
  • Rotary Core Drilling
  • Down Hole Hammer
  • Hollow Steam Auger
  • Bore Logging
  • Air Coring
  • Packer Testing
  • Diamond Coring
  • Mud Drilling
  • Standard Penetration Testing

Our Clients

Our customers include residential and commercial clients, such as financial institutions, shopping malls, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, restaurants, and other establishments. Our list of clients continue to expand as we are often recommended by the ones we have previously served. Because they are satisfied with our drilling services, they make it a point to share their experience with others so that they can also enjoy the exemplary service that only we can provide. Gaining reputation as the geotechnical drilling contractor of choice, we continue to update our capabilities to keep up with the changing needs of our clients. In the next years, we predict a growing clientele and we are preparing ourselves to handle such increase in demand.

Call us Now!

If you need bore drilling and other related services, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will let you know how we can extend a helping hand. Our experts can give you recommendations on the best approach for the project. On top of it all, our drilling services can be availed without the need to spend a lot. Our friendly rates will surely convince you that we are the best when it comes to geotechnical drilling Central Coast. You will not need to look any further as we got you covered for any drilling job you need done!

We do Geotechnical Drilling in Central Coast and in the following areas:

Services We Offer: