Geotechnical Drilling Blue Mountains

While you will generally have an abundance of choices when it comes to geotechnical drilling Blue Mountains service providers, none would be as promising as Environmental Drilling Services. We are a name tantamount to high quality, which you will surely understand better once you have learned about the experiences of our clients. Their favorable feedbacks can be a testament to the quality of work we can deliver. This will give you the confidence that we will be able to provide the best value for every dollar you will spend to avail of our services, including the following:

  • Sonic Drilling
  • Rotary Core Drilling
  • Down Hole Hammer
  • Hollow Steam Auger
  • Bore Logging
  • Air Coring
  • Packer Testing
  • Diamond Coring
  • Mud Drilling
  • Standard Penetration Testing

Your Satisfaction as Our Priority

Our drilling company, above other things, is devoted towards providing you with the highest level of satisfaction. We believe that the customers should be at the heart of everything that we do, basically because they are the reason for our profitability. All of our geotechnical testing services are completed with the needs of our residential and commercial clients in mind. We only want one things – to make you happy with any job that we complete.

How will our geotechnical drilling Blue Mountains company be able to make sure of your satisfaction? We do so by making sure we have the most innovative equipment available today and have it complemented with the skills and knowledge of our workforce. All of our technicians have been given extensive training and continuing education to keep them updated with the latest techniques they can apply for the job. As a provider of geotechnical engineering drilling services, our formula for achieving customer satisfaction is this: modern technology + skilled workforce.

Geotech Drilling Service Made Affordable

Environmental Drilling Services is committed towards making our jobs available at an affordable price. We believe that high quality drilling services should never hurt your pocket. We want all of you to enjoy superior service without having to fear the amount you have to pay. You can give us a call and ask one of our experts for an estimate of how much the drilling job will cost. We can give you quotes for specific projects and can negotiate to see what can be done with regards to pricing.

We do Geotechnical Drilling in Blue Mountains and in the following areas:

Services We Offer: