Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Drilling Company

The task of finding a drilling company to respond to your needs will be no easy feat. Trust me. I have done it several times for our business needs and I always end up clueless on what to do. The job may be too technical for me to understand, but I know that looking for the best geotechnical drilling contractor should be comparable to looking for the providers of other services. It should be given emphasis if you do not want to end up with regrets. With this, let me share with you some questions that should be asked prior to making a choice. These questions will make it easier for you to arrive at a well-informed choice.

Is The Price Reasonable?

In most cases, it will all boil down into the price of the services offered by the drilling company. Some might be tempted to choose the contractor offering the cheapest rate. However, this may lead into a wrong decision as cheap would often equate into compensating quality. You might want to settle with what is reasonable and not really the cheapest. Make sure to compare them on the basis of the price they are offering. Take note of the differences between a competitive rate and a cheap rate. Never sacrifice the quality of the output just for the sake of paying the cheapest rates.

Is The Company Licensed to Operate?

The Australian government, both from the national and local level, have specific rules on the operations of geotechnical drilling companies. In a nutshell, they should have the necessary permits to make sure they are legitimate to operate. This will prove not only their competence, but also being able to abide with the laws set forth by the authorities, such as with regards to environmental sustainability. In most cases, these permits will be displayed on their website of in their offices. If their licenses are nowhere to be found, do not be afraid to ask them.

What Kind of Reputation They Have?

There are many things that will have a significant impact on the reputation of the environmental drilling companies. For instance, this could be affected by the number of years they have spent in the business, with people prioritizing companies that are already backed with many years of operations. In the same way, reputation can also be affected by the feedbacks of their past clients, such as those you will be able to find in online reviews. Their reputation can also be affected with their affiliations or memberships in professional organizations and the projects they have successfully completed in the past.

When Can They Complete the Project?

Of course, you would not want to wait for forever before the drilling company accomplishes its job. Make sure to ask the contractor about how soon they can start and when they will finish. Make sure that they will match with the timeline that you have. If they cannot attend to the project because of other existing contracts and if you are already running short of time, you might want to consider the next available option. It is also important to have a contract clearly specifying the timeline of the project, which will give the geotechnical drilling contractor a liability if in case they are not able to meet the agreed schedule of completion.

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