Geotechnical Drilling Rigs: Choosing on the Basis of Size

Most of the time, if you need geotechnical drilling services in any form, I am sure that you will just look for a contractor and let the company do all the work. In most cases, you will no longer be mindful about the techniques they use and the materials they have in order to complete the job. Just in case you are curios with the rigs they have for their geotech drilling services, one of the most important factors that should be looked upon would be their size. While you are not going to buy your own rig for the drilling job, this does not mean that you should just be ignorant about the importance of size. It is still a good thing if you know how it will have an impact on the job in one way or another.

The Importance of Size

The size of the rigs for geotechnical drilling is important because it will be able to determine its capacity and capabilities. In most instances, especially with the traditional equipment being used by drilling contractors, the larger ones are for demanding jobs and for those requiring larger holes to be drilled. On the other hand, if the drilling rig is smaller, it is more likely that it is for jobs that are lesser demanding and for holes that will be smaller. With the birth of the contemporary alternatives, however, even the smaller rigs are believed to have the ability to handle more demanding drilling activities.

More so, the size of geotechnical drilling rigs are also important to make sure they will be appropriate for the location of the job. In places like Sydney, which is characterized by urbanization, most drilling jobs are challenging because of the limitations in terms of the space that is available, making it impossible to use larger rigs, especially in cramped areas. With this, it is important for providers of drilling services to invest in rigs that are smaller, making them possible to be fitted in cramped locations, but with high capacity to be able to effortlessly handle more demanding applications.

Smaller Rigs with High Capacity

As a result of the innovations in the geotech drilling industry, experts were able to make a way for drilling rigs to be smaller but in the absence of limiting the work they can handle. The Australian drilling industry, as against geotechnical drilling companies from other countries, can be considered as a late bloomer in the adoption of the use of small, high capacity rigs. Many companies are still preferring bigger rigs because of the belief that they can handle a wider array of jobs. In reality, however, even smaller jobs can be able to complete an amalgam of applications, while making sure of the best quality.

If you ever hire the services of a geotechnical drilling contractor, do not be surprised if you see that their drilling rig is smaller than what you often see being used by other companies. Nowadays, small does not mean being less in terms of power. As long as the equipment is from a reputable manufacturer, these smaller rigs can deliver high capacity comparable to their larger counterparts. This is a testament that when it comes to drilling rigs, size is not always indicative of power and performance.

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