Geotechnical Drilling Contractor: Responsibilities to Ensure Safety in the Workplace

The geotechnical drilling contractor has the inherent responsibility of making sure that all of their drilling services are performed in a manner that is safe. In this case, the management should spare time and effort to execute a variety of safety protocols. Otherwise, they will be legally culpable for being irresponsible, and this can contribute to having increased risks in the workplace, affecting not only the members of the workforce, but also the environment in general. With such, in the rest of this article, let me give you a quick orientation on some of the responsibilities of the geotechnical drilling companies as part of promoting the safety of their employees and the people around the job site.

Providing Sufficient Information and Comprehensive Instruction

It is important for the personnel to be provided with the information they need to know on how they can complete any task successfully. One of the things they will need would be the manuals from the original equipment manufacturers, which will give them an orientation on how to use the machines they will operate. It is important to recognize how one machine is different from the other, making it critical to pay attention to specific safety information. The Australian and industry standards should be also made known amongst workers to provide them with a guide on their job performance.

On the other hand, with regards to the provision of comprehensive instruction, the geotechnical drilling contractor should have specific guidelines that employees should follow. Each personnel must be given specific instructions on the nature of the job, including the hazards that will be involved. There are also instructional tools that should be distributed, such as in the case of job safety analysis, job hazard analysis, safe work instructions, and the standard operating procedures. All of these instructions, prior to their dissemination, must be approved by the management.

Provision of Appropriate Training

Geotechnical drilling companies must also make significant investments on the training of their employees, which will be important to increase their competence and their knowledge on the safety protocols that should be observed all the time. One of the most important would be the risk management training, which will include information about the general risk management process and task-specific methods for work completion and safety.

More so, it is also important for the drilling company to recognize the fact that training is not a one-time only initiative. Through the years, employees should be reassessed and retrained because of the changing nature of their jobs, especially with the adoption of new technologies.

Effective Employee Supervision

Lastly the geotechnical drilling contractor must also appoint a competent supervisor, who will be generally responsible in monitoring the progress of the project, including making sure all employees are demonstrating safe work practices, such as through wearing the personal protective equipment required while they are within work premises. Aside from the provision of technical solutions, the supervisors being employed by a drilling company will also have to attend to non-routine problems, such as accidental breakdown of equipment, which may result into sacrificing the safety of workers when they are not given attention the soonest. Supervisors should also establish clear communication amongst workers to manage them effectively and make sure they are one with the company in its pursuit towards safe work practices.

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