5-Point Checklist for Site Investigation Drilling

Trying to make a choice with regards to the best company for site investigation drilling will be no easy feat. With the multiplicity of the choices you can take into consideration, it will be challenging to make a final decision. Nonetheless, one should never resort into making a decision in haste as this will often lead into frustration. Instead, you should take time to evaluate how one option is different from the other. You can consult with online reviews, recommendations of people you personally know, or interview with the drilling company to weigh the pros and cons of a specific option. In the rest of this post, you will know about five of the things that should be checked, and that should be ideally present in the company you will choose.


The reliability of the site investigation drilling services would relate to how dependable they are, especially in the long term. Obviously, no one would like to book the services of a contractor wherein problems will be evident just a short time after the completion of the project. The drilling company must be able to provide a guarantee of the satisfaction of their clients, specifically with the results of the investigation. The results should be accurate in all aspects, especially if it will be used to determine the feasibility of a site for construction projects.


Most of the site drilling investigation projects have a specific timeline that is being followed. For instance, if the subject of the investigation is to evaluate the groundwater supply for possible contamination, the drilling company must be able to provide the results within the specified time as this will be reflective of when the next steps can commence. If not, the entire project will be delayed and this can lead into additional costs. Therefore, when trying to make a choice amongst the contractors that are available, make sure to check their track record with regards to the timely delivery of outputs. They must be able to meet your schedule without any excuses.


The drilling company must be also committed towards the promotion of the safety of the members of the workforce. All the necessary licenses and permits should be acquired from the relevant authorities. Periodic training about the machineries used and how to act in the workplace should be also provided. There should also be investments in new equipment specifically one that can help in the promotion of safety not only for the workers, but even for people residing around the area where work is being done.

Environmental Friendliness

It is also critical for environmental drilling companies to make sure they are using techniques that are meant to promote the sustainability of the environment. Every company has the inherent social responsibility to do their part in helping protect the welfare of the future generations. Therefore, all of the drilling activities should be friendly to the environment, such as through minimizing the noise that is produced and reduction of carbon footprint in all business activities. The members of the workforce should be also educated on how they can participate in the endeavor of the company towards going green.


At the end of the day, it all boils down into the cost of the services. While there are many geotechnical drilling companies, most of you would most probably resort into the one offering reasonable rates. This actually makes sense as no one would surely want to end up paying a lot when they can hire others for a fraction of a cost. Nonetheless, do not be tempted by contractors offering the cheapest rate, as this can be tantamount to inferior quality of work. At the end of the day, you might want to consider spending a bit more if this would equate into being able to enjoy better quality from their drilling investigations.

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